From Overwhelmed and Cluttered to Peaceful and Organized...

My name is Amy Lynn Lussier and I LOVE to organize!

 Ever since I can remember I have had a passion and excitement about being organized.  As a little girl, I would find myself organizing my room, toys and clothes.  The happiness of being tidy brought me joy and left me feeling happy.  This has stayed with me through my life.  I am a wife and mother of three young kids and the ability to run our household in an organized manner has allowed a stress-free environment in our home.

 I have decided to share my organizing abilities and turn them into a full-time business.  I want to share with my clients that they can turn their overwhelmed and cluttered home into an organized space and create a peaceful environment along with a more efficient and functional way of living.  Doing so will restore their energy and happiness.

 My clients hire me to provide information, products and assistance to achieve their specific organizing needs.  I am an excellent listener, non-judgmental and extremely dedicated to my clients.  I encourage, guide and educate on how to overcome organizing challenges by offering direction, support and focus.  I create easy-to-follow systems to help maintain a stress-free environment in ways that work for each client, family and home.  I am here to help my clients do more in less time, with more energy.  My skills, strengths, services and tools will reduce the stress and banish the awful feeling of being overwhelmed!